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Autocollant Cacheur canadien pour Cache 3.5

Ces autocollants pour cache arborent le Castor Cacheur canadien et sont faits de vinyle pour extérieur de 4ml et de haute qualité, avec papier pré-coupé au verso pour faciliter l'application. Each 4.5cm by 10.2cm $1.40
Each 9cm by 9cm $1.50
9cm by 15.4cm $1.80

175 small frnch stick5.JPG
Autocollant pour Cache

Mecanical Pencils

No more pencil sharpeners in caches and no more broken or dull lead! They are always ready with a nice sharp lead for your log entries. A handy eraser is on the end - press the eraser to feed the lead. The pencil grip is a nice added touch at this economical price $.50 Each

mec pencil1.JPG
Mechanical Pencils

Rite in the Rain Logbooks

These 3" x 5" totally waterproof logbooks easily fit in most small and medium caches. Features -Spiral bound at the top so they open right up for easy log entries. -Tan polydura cover. -50 sheets of light tan waterproof paper -"You have found a geocache" text printed on the back cover... no need to print out that pesky sheet. These are the best logbooks you can buy. $6.95 Each

small beige logbook.JPG
Rite in the Rain Logbook

Canadian Cacher Logbook

This logbook is designed with 40 pages, the geocaching guidelines and a First To Find signature line on the inside cover. On the back cover is the 'You Have Found A Geocache' statement so you don't need to print those off anymore! $3.00 Each

Canadian Logbook

Logbook and Pen

Look at this! A protected logbook with a loop attatched so you won't loose your pen ever again. Well...hopefully not! Comes with a logbook. Full size is 10 by 13.5cm. $1.98 Each

pen & log4.JPG
Logbook and Pen

2 Pack Microcache Logsheets

These waterproof logsheets are made with Rite-in-the-Rain waterproof paper and printed with waterproof ink. These are the only logs you should use in your micro caches. They roll up into a film cannister or Bison tube. $1.00 Each

microcache log sheets.jpg
Microcache Logsheets